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Monday, August 1, 2016



             The Competition season runs from September through April, excluding December, with the Grand Finale Competition being in May. Images are entered as digital files. Each month there is a GENERAL COMPETITION where 1 image of any subject may be entered. Also, there is an ASSIGNED SUBJECT COMPETITION where a maximum of 1 image of a previously determined subject is entered. The “SUBJECTS “ are selected the previous year for the following year. In May, a GRAND FINALE COMPETITION is held at the first meeting and the second meeting is the AWARDS BANQUET. (Please refer to Competition section for more details.)


Dues should be paid before a member is eligible to compete.

Present members should renew membership in August, before the competition season starts.

Persons who join during the season may begin competing when dues are paid. Persons who join during the season may use “Make Up” for the General Competition. There is no “Make Up” for Assigned subject competition.


Submission of images into the EPC web page Competition section is the responsibility of the maker. It is the member’s responsibility to submit the correct number of images each month.



1) Members are divided into 5 Classes based on ability and previous experience. New members usually begin in the Bronze Class. New members must join at an equivalent rank if they are members of another photo club. If there is a question as to which Class a person should be entered into, the Board of Directors shall determine into which class the new member shall be placed.

                     Bronze Class: Beginners and/ or new members unless inappropriate due to previous experience.

                     Silver Class: Members with some experience in image making.

                     Gold Class: Members with advanced experience in image making.

                     Diamond Class:  Members with exceptional experience in image making.

                     Platinum Class:  Members who have exceptional experience in image making and consistently score very high in competition.



           Advancement to a higher Class is based on a member’s scoring average for that season or by the recommendation of the Board Of Directors. You may only advance 1 Class per competition season unless it is recommended differently by the Board of Directors.

          A member must enter a minimum of 10 images in the current season’s Competitions, to be eligible for advancement to the next class. After this requirement is met, the maker may drop the lowest scored images over the minimum.

Scoring for advancement: Using your season average of your top 10 scores using the general accepted rules for rounding off numbers. .4 and below is rounded off to the lower whole number, .5 and above is rounded off to the higher whole number. 

  • If you average 10 points or higher, you move from Bronze to Silver
  • If you average 11 points or higher, you move from Silver to Gold
  • If you average 12 points or higher, you move from Gold to Diamond
  • If you average 14 points or higher, you move from Diamond to Platinum



1) All images or parts of an image must be the sole work of the maker.

2) * All parts of a composite image, photomontage, HDR images or panoramas must be made by a camera and all parts must be photographed by the submitting member. No part of the submitted image can be computer generated such as clip art or purchased. No image or parts of an image can be made from the scanning or copying of another person's art, photography or clip art. Digital post processing is permitted.

  * The sole exception is "textures" that are purchased or downloaded and then combined with an image that is the sole work of the maker.

3) Images must be created by the person entering them into competition. Images made during training sessions are not eligible if the instructor directly influenced the creation of the image.  The image should be the maker's creation, not the instructor's set-up.

4) Images may be color or monochrome, or a combination of either.

5) An image may be entered only once, except for the Grand Finale Competition.

6) Images being submitted to competition must be submitted through the Erie Photography Club web page. Images must be formatted as JPEG (JPG) and set at the highest quality. Profile should be sRGB. Digital image size should not exceed 1920 pixels horizontally or 1080 pixels vertically. The image dimensions can be shorter than these sizes but should not be longer.



                  1) JUDGES—The President will select the judge for each competition. Ideally the judge will not be a member of the Erie Photography Club but the President has the option to use non-competing members who are qualified to judge.



                  OVERVIEW: There are 2 Categories of competitions, General and Assigned Subjects. A member may enter a total of 2 images each month, 1 of any general subject and 1 of the subject that was assigned for that month. These images will be submitted as a digital file using the club’s web page.


                                    a) GENERAL COMPETITION

A maximum of 1 image may be of any subject of the maker’s choosing. An image entered into this competition cannot be entered as an Assigned Subject or be entered more than once except in the Grand Finale Competition in May.                                   

                                    b) ASSIGNED SUBJECT COMPETITION 

A maximum of 1 image, which depict the subject that was assigned for that month. An image entered into this competition cannot be entered into Regular Competition or entered more than once except in the Grand Finale Competition in May.  Scoring of these images can be affected by how well the image reflects the Assigned Subject chosen for the month.

                                    c) MAKE-UP 

A member may make-up submissions in the General Category for months that they missed. You may enter a total of 1 make-up image per month. There is no make-up for Assigned Subject images. Make up images are entered into the General Competition for the current month’s competition.




1) Members will only compete against others of their same CLASS; bronze, silver, gold, diamond and platinum, for awards.

2) The member may enter one image into the 2 judging competition Categories each month, one is General Competition and the other is the Assigned Subject Competition, using the Club web page. If a member has missed a General Competition, the may enter a second image into the General Competition as a "Make-Up".  There is no make up for Assigned Subject. NOTE: IF YOU HAVE ENTERED TOO MANY IMAGES INTO A MONTHLY COMPETITION, THE IMAGE (S) WITH THE HIGHEST SCORE WILL BE ELIMINATED.

3) Members should submit images as a digital file into the club web page by 3am of the day of competition  



1) Only images that have received 9 or more points during the current year’s Regular and Assigned Subject Competitions are eligible to compete.

2) A maximum of 4 images may be entered. Members will compete only against members of the own CLASS during the Grand Finale Competition.

3) There will be 3 independent judges. These judges will view all the images in a class without scoring and then will do an IN/OUT review until they have picked a first, second and third place for that Class. Images are not scored during this competition.

4) Each CLASS will be awarded a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

 5) “BEST OF SHOW” image will be chosen from the 1st place winners of each CLASS.    


1) MONTHLY AWARDS: (Based on Points)

                                    a) SCORING HONORS   During the monthly competition, if an image receives the following scores:

·       BRONZE CLASS                      9 POINTS OR MORE

·       SILVER CLASS                       10 POINTS OR MORE

·       GOLD CLASS                         11 POINTS OR MORE

·       DIAMOND CLASS                   12 POINTS OR MORE

·       PLATINUM CLASS                  14 POINTS OR MORE

This is considered an Honor Award.  Those who received an honor score will have their name published in the newsletter.


                                    b) MONTHLY FIRST PLACE AWARD:  In each Class, there will be an award of “FIRST PLACE”.  To qualify for “First Place” the image must have scored an honor score for that class. Bronze class must have scored a 9 or above, Silver class must have scored a 10 or above and so forth through the classes. The image that scored the highest honor for that class will be awarded “First Place”.  In the case of a tie, those images will share "First Place" and each member will receive an award. NOTE:  If no images qualified for honor awards in a Class competition, no “First Place” will be awarded in that competition. 



                                    a) CLASS AWARDS

                                                      In all 5 CLASSES, a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded based on the total points accumulated during competition, for the year, for all images submitted.  In the event of a tie, the person with the most Honor Awards will take the place.

To qualify for Class Awards, a member must submit a minimum of 7 images in the General Competition, one for each month of Competition and 4 images in the Assigned Subject Competition.

If a member misses a General Competition, they may enter 1 additional image into a subsequent General Competition as Make Up. There is no Make Up for Assigned Subject Competitions. 

                                     b) END OF YEAR AWARDS

                                    As a result of the Grand Finale Competition, a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded in each CLASS (Bronze, Silver etc.)         A  “BEST OF SHOW" will be chosen from the FIRST place images of each CLASS.

NOTE --- Erie Photography Club is a member of the Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Clubs and because of this, we must abide by their rules on plagiarism.

 Plagiarism:  (Revised 2011) 

a.    Images submitted to the NFRCC for judging in interclub competitions and salons shall be the sole works of the submitter.

b.    The image-maker shall be required to provide proof of such upon request by the Competition Committee responsible for that competition. Proof shall be considered to be one or more of the following:

                  i.    Provision of the original slide or negative from which the image was taken (in the case of scanned images)

                  ii.    Provision of a copy of the original RAW or JEPG image complete with the attached Metafile or similar embedded documentation providing at least: the make and model of the camera used to take the image, and the date and time the image was taken.

                  iii.    In the case of composite images including Photomontages, HDR images and panoramas, provision of all photographic elements of the original source(s) as stated above.

c.    By submission of images for consideration in NFRCC competitions, the image maker shall be deemed to have agreed to the above conditions.

d.    If the image-maker is aware that proof cannot be established, and the image in question is withdrawn before any judging or evaluation is conducted, no penalties are to be assessed by the region.  Withdrawal shall consist of immediate notification to the appropriate competition’s chairperson by verbal communication immediately followed by notification of such in writing. For further clarification, e-mail communications shall be considered as notification by writing.

e.    If the image has been judged or evaluated or already sent out for judging and upon request, and the above proof cannot be provided, the penalty should be as follows:

                  i.    All honor awards resulting from the member’s submissions of images in the current competition year shall be considered null and void.

                  ii.    Any points received by the offending member in the current competition year will be revoked.

                  iii.    The offending member will be barred from competing in any future NFRCC competitions for a period of two years.

                  iv.    Subsequent violations by the member shall result in a lifetime ban from competitions within the NFRCC

                  v.    The member may not hold executive office in the NFRCC.


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